Youth Employment

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

  • For youth 18-24 years old that are homeless or at an imminent risk of being homeless.
  • We provide employment support, education services, and advocacy.
  • We also provide stipends for milestones completed during the program fora total of $800.
  • LAHSA Funded.

Youth AI

  • We provide education on the technical and ethical aspects of AI, while allowing youth ages 16-25 to explore ChatGPT prompting and paid work experience.
  • Youth build confidence, social skills. leadership, public speaking, mental health strategies and learn to collaborate.
  • Each cohort ends with a pitch showcase where youth share their passion project and how AI can be used to benefit the community.
  • Funded by LA County Dept of Youth Development. 

Workforce Reconnection Program

  • For participants that are 18 and older with a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • In partnership with the City of Lancaster and Streetplus. This is a 12-week program that is structured to provide knowledge and tools for participants to be prosperous in gaining employment and reach a new level of success and professional development.
  • Paid work experience 


The iFoster Jobs Program is an award-winning training, internship and employment placement program for transition-age foster youth to ensure they can be financially independent when they leave care. Ifoster offers evidence and trauma-informed curriculum that covers the hard and soft skills employers want.

National Career Development Association

If you’re interested in taking the NCDA certification course with us, contact Kim Watson, NCDA Instructor at

For details Certified Career Services Provider by the National Career Development Association (leader in the industry). To learn more visit

Shop & Impact Lives

Here’s an opportunity to make an impact on the support that charitable organizations can receive and foster change in the world. Veventize created an opportunity for you to purchase goods and services at or below retail prices, the proceeds of your purchase will go to support the important missions like Project Joy that impact over 2,400 youth and individuals who are vulnerable or currently experiencing homelessness

Recent Events

Backpack and school supplies to 100 foster youth and vulnerable families to support educational attainment (distribution at diaper event and SAGE Magnet Academy) – sponsor Big Sunday Org. Ongoing outreach and distribution during the global pandemic and recovery period are planned

Face Mask Distribution

Distributed over 200 mask to a area homeless shelters to promote the health and safety of vulnerable residents 

We provide virtual, hybrid, in-person learning events and workshops. (list of topics available). Large scale outreach event planning and execution to spread awareness of programs and services that align with our mission. 

Empower Educate & Encourage
The Most Promising Youth and Families.