Our Goal is to Impact Youth & Families

Project Joy is a 2019 CA Nonprofit of the Year for the 21st Senate District
(Scott Wilk)

Our mission is to empower, educate and encourage promising youth and families.
Our vision is to eradicate poverty, lead system changes and be a catalyst for a life full of joy!


Project Joy operates under Three Strategic Pillars towards the aspirational goal of ending poverty and being a catalyst for a life full of joy.


Community Outreach

We are trusted community messengers with boots firmly planted on the ground. We partner with agencies to share critical information in a culturally relevant way.

Youth Programs

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing at our work-based learning site. Transitional age youth (ages 18-24) receive hands-on training using work-based projects

Family Programs

We offer several classes and workshops designed with racial equity and cultural understanding at the center.

Project Joy was awarded California Non-Profit of the Year in 2019 for the 21st Senate District (nominated by Senator Scott Wilk). This affirms our program design and sustained impact in the community.

We are a partner agency with the national iFoster organization and helped launch the inaugural TAY AmeriCorps program, in 2019, as a leading host site, which reached close to 100 foster youth in the Antelope Valley and bridged them to supportive services, educational and employment resources. Our impact is based on a peer specialist outreach model, where foster youth are hired, trained in leadership and 21st Century job skills, and assist with program design and implementation to reach their peers in need.

Accelerator 2024 Cohort Family


Project Joy had an invaluable experience as a participant in REDF,  joining others to amplify the impact of employment social enterprises.

REDF invests in employment social enterprises (ESEs) — businesses that provide jobs, training, and support to people breaking through barriers to employment. REDF partners with these businesses and the entrepreneurs who lead them — providing capital, capacity, and community — to amplify their transformative impact. Since 1997 — creating a ripple effect that strengthens families and communities and helps build an economy that works. For everyone.


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Growing Awareness
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Pop Up Baby Boutique Launch
Thank you community and partners. We are the village of support!

Empower, Educate & Encourage
The most vulnerable youth and families.