Our Story

Project Joy impacts annually over 2,400 youth and individuals who are vulnerable or currently experiencing homelessness

Founded in 2014

Project Joy was founded Valentine’s Day 2014 and inspired by 9-year-old Joy who wanted to help a peer and her family who appeared to be homeless. Our first organized event was a TNT (Teddies N Toiletries) Drive at Joy’s elementary school in partnership with PTA. Over 300 stuffed animals were collected and distributed to area homeless shelters for Valentine’s day parties to spread love to youth.

We continue to operate from a peer-based and lived experience foundation, rooted in sharing resources and supplies, but always giving in a way that connects and uplifts.

Project Joy’s founder, Kim Watson, is the executive director and is committed to equipping youth for fulfilling careers and encourages them to pursue their dreams.

Project Joy is nationally certified by NCDA as a Certified Career Services Provider; certified domestic violence/sexual assault advocate; member of the FDIC Money Smart alliance for instruction and use of evidence-based curriculum in Financial Literacy for all ages.

Kim Watson
BA, CCSP, GCDF-Instructor Founder & Executive Director

Jalisa Burton
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran
Program Assistant

Derek Gordon
BA, MFA US Air Force Veteran
Project Coordinator/ Youth Team Leader

Empower, Educate & Encourage
The most vulnerable youth and families.